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  1. kpatel

    kpatel Member

    Hi i was wondering if anyone can give me a good trusted site that i can pay around $10 to $20 for an unlock code for my behold 2 that I won in that contest that happened a couple weeks ago. I want it unlocked on AT&T network. I just need a good website that is trusted and thank you everyone.

  2. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    You can contact Samsung or T-Mobile to get it for free.
  3. kpatel

    kpatel Member

    Yea I am not a tmobile customer and i do not think they will give me an unlock code and i will call samsung tomorrow and see if they will give me one.
  4. thaayu

    thaayu New Member

    Hi , the very very best unlocking site is : Unlock your mobile phone for free,here only unlock code available at free cost and provided code are exact correct, for all my mobiles and my friends unlocking code here only purchased free of cost , good service,best approach,fast ,quality,etc ,so you surely get your mobile unlocking successfully.
  5. kpatel

    kpatel Member

    Hey thanks but i already got it unlocked from another site.
  6. metalurch

    metalurch New Member

    the site doe not do the behold 2 ...where did you get yours unlocked ?
  7. kpatel

    kpatel Member

  8. cheenachatze

    cheenachatze Well-Known Member

    I don't think this phone will work well on AT&T. They use different frequencies than T-Mobile. You probably wont get 3G connection.
  9. zhang3feng

    zhang3feng Active Member

    Just saw this late and checked the site above, it is actually quite expensive, takes $30 to unlock behold 2 :(

    If anyone needs their phone unlocked, other than getting it free from TMO, cheapest way is to check out ebay (there are a few unlockers advertising their service there), I got my BHII unlocked for $18, code emailed to me within 12hours of payment. :)

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