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Need help pdanetSupport

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  1. p_express1

    p_express1 New Member

    When I try to download it come up not compatable,had it on my other phone worked perfect,any ideas?

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm not familiar with the app so I'm no help. I would like to extend a welcome to AF.
    I hope you enjoy the forums.
  3. SalvoWolf

    SalvoWolf Member

    That's odd.. It works fine for myself and my wife.. Try going to the developer's website and check their support or try contacting them.
  4. emeraldspyro

    emeraldspyro Member

    Beginning April 2011 PdaNet has been delisted from the Android Market by some carriers since this very popular app - with over 3 million installs and 4.5+ ratings - shares your phone's Internet connection with your computer and does not require a tether fee or rooting your phone. This leaves a lot of our users stuck with an outdated version and no longer receive update notifications from Android Market.

    Since PdaNet does not really rely on Android Market and can be installed on the computer end, we are hoping this note can reach you and help you through this problem. You can simply download and install PdaNet on the computer side from

    Download PdaNet
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