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  1. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    I followed this guide:

    Howto: HTC Droid Incredible, Froyo 2.2, and root - Technology -

    Unrevoked Forever from the SD card went smooth. After putting the on the card and booting into recovery it isnt seeing and automatically installing the zip. Same SD card used for Unrevoked Forever as this .zip file. Its all uppercase with the lowercase .zip...

    Any ideas?

  2. McChazo

    McChazo Active Member

    a lot of people seem to mention the following as a possible problem:

    1) the sdcard isnt sitting at FAT32


    2) it's renamed improperly to (make sure if its just a zip file named PB31IMG)
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  3. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    I formatted an extra card to Fat 32 before starting this. Paranoia kicked in so I also let the phone reformat it to Fat 32. OF the two cards I have, neither load the file.

    I know its late, and I am tired. I have done this a few times with both cards, careful not to rename it just altering the PB31IMG part of the file name.

    I have tried the card that stores my backups for everything and this other that was formatted twice. Just not sure why it wont see it correctly. Bootloader moves so fast I cant see what its saying, but it doesnt take over and load the img file.
  4. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    Okay, not sure why this worked, but it did work.

    I reformatted my spare SD card, renamed the file on my PC then copied it over to my SD card. Previous attempts were made renaming the file once it was copied to my SD card. Not sure if the order was part of it, or this thing is finicky... but its working now.
  5. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Your on your way!!
  6. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Well-Known Member

    Because theres a setting on your computer, that will either only show file names or show file names AND extensions. you most likely didnt have that checked to show extensions, so when you renamed ito n the computer it prolly took the that you didnt see away, making your phone recognize it =)

    Or maybe its just a weird fluke. Either way who cares it worked.

    How did you format the card into fat32? is that what your phone automatically formats into if you do the format through the phone?
  7. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    Im assuming if the file system for the phone needs FAT 32, the phone will format it that way. When doing it thru the pc, using the adapter card for the micro sd, I right clicked, chose format 32...

    Im having a new problem now. I got as far as the downgrade last night, unrevoked forever, hboot 0.77, Firmware, 2.1update1, baseband, kernel, 2.6.29-cc1c2268, build number 1.22.605.0 CL161493 release-keys, software number 1.22.605.0, Browser WebKit3.1, PRI 1.28_008, PRL 40067, ERI Version 5

    In my research last night doing this I would take the official OTA thru the phone via OTA. This did not happen. Also, from further reading today, some are saying Hboot 0.77 wont take the OTA via OTA... so...

    What now? There are so many different guide and wading thru it is becoming a burden. Like the pros/gurus who read and answer our questions I am sure are getting tired of wading thru the crap and answering noob questions and still trying to see what is working and what is pure BS.

    How can I now end up completely stock at the most recent update, S-On and no root? I am thinking for me with limited time with rooting and needing my phone for more than fun this is probably my best option.

    Please, if you can, please list out instructions and file sources instead of pointing to another thread. Thanks!
  8. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Well-Known Member

    Why didnt you just download the official 2.2 leaked? Its the same thing, you stay rooted, and it takes half as long to do. Thats what I did.
  9. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    If I am completely stock and updated, there is nothing else that could go wrong that Verizon wont have to be responsible for... and until there is a mainstream root/unroot method that seams to be my safest bet.
  10. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Well-Known Member

    Whats wrong that you think Verizon wont cover? Whats your phone doing or not doing right/wrong?
  11. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member


    If I keep playing with the phone and brick it, its on me. I believe in testing limits, making things my own, but at this time I dont feel that I have what it takes to know what is right/wrong/whatever with as many guides that are floating around. Everyone has a take on it. What I did last night was supposed to get me the OTA message on my phone. It hasnt come. Then I read that if I have .077 Hboot, that it may not get the message for the OTA. It doesnt appear that things are cut and dry, lots of ideas and flavors of what to do next... That being the case, I dont think I am ready for rooting and testing this device.
    The conclusion that rooting may not be for everyone has crossed my mind. If thats the case, would you rather not see fewer people like me? If you have the time and knowledge, can you please help me? Not good with command prompts so if there is a way to get me going with updates off the SD Card, that would be wonderful.
  12. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Well-Known Member

    Ive yet to do 1 thing with command prompts on my Incredible. And I have changed ROM's 5x, changed my radio,kernel, and everything.

    In all honesty, if you brick your phone, Verizon will never know. They cant boot it up to see what you have on it to tell lol. And they cant undo or reverse a exchange, nor can/will they charge you for equipment because technically you gave them equipment.

    With that being said. The rooting process is posted a million times, and 1 may be easier than the other. I rooted my phone at work, mind you we have certain internet blocks and restrictions as well as not being to access certain system files to do things like device manager ect.
    I followed the guide on the main page for rooting, and it worked flawlessly. One app you will NEED if your not very adept at this is ROM Manager from the Market. Once you are rooted, it installs and does everything FOR YOU! If you donate, you get the premium version($2.99) thats even better. When your rom gets updated, it pushes to your phone like a OTA update! So you literally do nothing.

    If you dont mind doing a little reading, this phones easy to handle. If im reading all your posts correctly, you are currently rooted but on stock 2.2?
  13. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    I was stock, when the leak first hit, I unrevoked (3.1), clockworked and nandroid backup and then applied the leaked 2.2. Now there is an update that is more recent than that.

    I had even thought about stripping the ROM from the latest RUU but it did not work.

    If I dont mind doing a little reading? In all honesty, I have read tons of material over the last few days. It isnt for lack of reading or even an attempt to understand the process.

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