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Need Help Please.

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  1. whatthafa

    whatthafa New Member

    I used SuperOneClick to root my Motorola Citrus. After rooting I started messing around trying to eliminate as much of the bloatware as possible. I must have messed something up because I can no longer download apps from the Market. I have since figured out how to use adb because of this :). I located a file called citrus_system_boot_recovery_dump. Inside of it are 3 files.

    They are system-dump.tar, boot-dump.img and recovery-dump.img

    Can some one please tell my what files I need to push to my phone with ADB and how to use these files to restore my phone so that it will function properly again.

  2. dudicus

    dudicus New Member

    If you didn't get this fixed I would be happy to help, I had a similar issue and was able to recover.
  3. Pneumatics

    Pneumatics Active Member

    I am having an issue with this. I successfully rooted my phone but i deleted Gtalk, googletalk, which to my knowledge is what is stopping my Market downloads from starting, they just sit at 0%
  4. 1ryno9

    1ryno9 New Member

    I know this is an old post. I am having the same problem, if you can help me out it would be great. thanks new to android and picked the wrong phone to learn rooting and mod.

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