Need help rooting 2.3.4

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  1. CoolMarquis97

    CoolMarquis97 New Member

    First off I'd like to say I'm sorry for having to create a new post about this but I'm ******* confused. I have an HTC EVO Shift 4G and it's on 2.3.4 . I just want to root it but it seems you can't root a 2.3.4 HTC EVO SHIFT 4G? If somebody could lead me to a guide that helps me It would be much appreciated. And yes I did check before posting this.

  2. CNexus

    CNexus Active Member

    Really?? ????
    The more updated thread over at XDA is here:

    If you have not already, I would also strongly suggest that you do a good amount of reading about what "root" is and what you can do with it before you get started.

    Also, one of the first couple hits on google when you search "root evo shift 2.3.4" is a script and guide to downgrade and then root from 2.2.....

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