Need help rooting and wifi tether

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  1. momof3

    momof3 New Member

    please please help me, i am new to android and dont know much about it but i am having some problems! can someone help me out? i catch on quick so if you could walk me through some steps!

    i am having rooting issues with my sanyo zio, i used android universal root and it says im rooted, when i start my barnical it gives me this mesg "link_image 1638: 5424 could not load needed library ''for 'su' (load_library 984: library '' not found) cannot link executable

    please help, all help is very much appreciated!

    thank you all!

  2. Scoat

    Scoat New Member

    Did you go into the menu and check "skip wpa_supplicant" in the barnacle software?

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