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    Jan 2, 2013
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    Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this cry for help.

    So here is my scenario. I have rooted my htc evo 4g before i did the revolutionary method and now have hboot 6.16. I was used CyanogenMod9 on my phone for a few months, everything worked fine except of course for the video camera and Netflix. I am sure the 4G doesn't work but i don't have that in my area.

    So i wanted to try another custom ROM i narrowed it down to going back to Gingerbread so i can have those features working on my phone. Now i tried using Rom Manager and that's when i noticed i was getting a error message apparently i don't have root access. somewhere along the line i must of done or deleted something. So i have been trying to get root access once again with the htc method but to no avail. When i go into hboot and try to hit recovery so i can try to get the flash from sd card option, it doesn't even do that.

    Please help What do i need to do:confused:

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