need help rooting

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  1. mcmjzr

    mcmjzr New Member

    I have a Samsung galaxy prevail and I've been trying to root it so I can take control of it. And to prove to my brother that android is better then his iPhone more than anything I really want to see what this phone can do.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Check in the Prevail Forum and they can probably help. Before you start, I recommend you read, A LOT, and ask questions if you're not sure.

    Good luck.. :)
  3. tintin7156

    tintin7156 New Member

    I just got A5000 android from china but the problem I can not sign in my skype. It was download in my android market. Everytime I attempt to sign in the screen appears skype has stop working. what is this means? Is there somebody can help me? I would like to restore my sittings but I dont know where I can found the factory sitting of this phone.

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