NEED HELP samsung galaxy ace reverting to stock rom without pcSupport

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  1. channELcee

    channELcee Member

    Hi. I rooted my galaxy ace gingerbread 2.3.6 then installed cynaogenmod 7.1 had no problems and new rom is working ok. There are lots of things I prefer on the stock rom so for me cyanogen is just not wat I want. My system is now 2.3.7 which sounds great. But cyanogen has only 2 issue I have came across bad which is video Camera problem. And wifi issue. I know I can find fixes for this but I just want my old stock rom back. I do not have access to any form of pc and here lies my problem. All I can find is the ODIN WAY to installed a stock rom. I have found a single thread which stated I just need to find a stock rom download to SD card clear factory data and install new rom from zip. That is just wat I want to do but I can't find a 2.3.6 Gingerbread zip anywhere. Please help and I have cwm which I needed to install cyanogen so can that be used as before to install a stock rom. Please help with strait forward. Advice. I DO NOT HAVE ANY FORM OF PC ACCESS. So the Odin way I cannot do. THANKS FOR ANY HELP

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    It can be difficult even if you have a pc lol. While you are waiting for a stock rom, you could install ICS Stock v2 (ICSStock : A GB 2.3.6 based stock rom themed to look like Ice Cream Sandwich along with some of the features from Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Downloads For Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 ~ Handy Information

    Odin not needed.
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  3. channELcee

    channELcee Member

    Would that fix my wifi and camera functions. Also is it installed same as cyanogen. Factory reset reboot then install from zip. Could you post zip download. Quite hard trying navigate pages. I'm also new to all this. This was the first phone I rooted and installed a rom on. Kinda wish I didn't only wanted to install flash lol. Thanks for help really appreciated
  4. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member


    The camera works, I didn't try wifi. Can't remember but you might need to install recovery-clockwork-. I had to use that for either cyanogen or ICS Stock

    If you need it, google
    The first result is a direct download link.

    Good Luck. I'm having trouble with Odin btw, might have to install ICS Stock again lol
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  5. channELcee

    channELcee Member

    Yeah I have cwm anyway which says I need. Then it says I need gingerbread firmware stock if not install with Odin. Now confused as I did have gingerbread before I changed to cyanogenmod. So do I need to install gingerbread anyway or will it just install off cyanogen. Bloody confused lol
  6. channELcee

    channELcee Member

    I just went ahead and installed and camera and wifi working a treat. No floors. Dont like keyboard lol. But yay this will do lol. Does anyone know if i can install to gingerbread 2,3,6 if im running ics stock rom. Can i do it via kies and get original gingerbread rom. Big thanks Alpha9190 perfer this rom to cyanogenmod immensely
  7. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Since you don't have access to a pc, you can't use Kies (the Ace doesn't support upgrading with Kies on your phone).
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  8. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome. If you like the Swype keyboard, I'm pretty sure it's free on the Market.
    I don't know if Gingerbread is available as a zip file, so far I've only seen the type of file that Odin uses.
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  9. channELcee

    channELcee Member

    Yeah I know it doesn't except kies via ace only I just wondererd if I can use kies with the ics stock Rom if I could get a pc to use. Kies seems alot simplier than using Odin if im borrowing someones laptop quickly?
  10. channELcee

    channELcee Member

    You my friend are a star. And I thankyou so much :) I now have the Swype keyboard so I am chuffed . Not one single problem with the ics rom and now having the keyboard I wanted has made it perfect. Again thanks. :)

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