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Need help setting up Internet Pass ThroughSupport

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  1. szil

    szil Member

    hey guys, i've htc explorer n m just not able to figure out a way to set up internet pass through.. my htc sync seems to be working more or less...but whenever i connect my usb via the internet pass through, it either displays an unidentified network with limited access in my laptop's networks or an error messagfe simply pops up on my phone the gist of which's that the phone didnt find htc sync on my pc....plz help

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Android Forums! :hello: Have you tried wifi hotspot? It's much more convenient than messing with USB.

    If for some reason you really need the cable option, try uninstalling HTC Sync,downloading the latest version from HTC's website and re-installing.
  3. szil

    szil Member

    yea i jus did....it connects to my pc easy, but then again my pc only displays limited connectivity icon...once again i want to share my lappy's internet connection with my cell not the other way round...plus after setting up the connection i tried to open up net apps on htc explorer but to no avail..... n my sync keeps crashin in the middle of syncing...

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