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  1. omnez

    omnez New Member

    So I did the CM7 update to my new Le Pan and now on boot it is locked at the basic boot screen. I tried to do the reset and it still goes back and the power + volume button doesn't do anything either. All it says is 'Le Pan'

    crapity crap crap crap

  2. omnez

    omnez New Member

    I have tried to reset with power and volume down a ton of times with no luck either
  3. Solkrieg

    Solkrieg Member

    Did you wipe your cache/dalvic cache and reset your phone/tablet to factory settings before installing the ROM right? I am using the same one as you, and I didn't have a single problem. However my friend had something similar happen to him. Just let it sit there, he said it took about 2 hours before it finally loaded.

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