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  1. Colten

    Colten Member

    I plan on switching to T-Mobile and their 30/mo plan. Im interested in the Exhibit 4g, but was wondering if you guys new of any other unlocked/tmob-branded smartphones that are better and I could grab for less than 250?

  2. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    Just do some research on all the phones in that price range your plan on spending because really whomever answers your question more than likely going to have a different opinion on each phone. really no one could make the decision for u because we don't know what you like and how heavy u plan to use the phone. what you need to do and i bet alot of others do including my self is do research on the phones you might like and see the features of each phone has that you will like. Youtube each phone for reviews, and different test. Im thinking thats your best best.
  3. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well you could pick up a MT4GS for around $250 or less used... It has the same dualcore chipset as the SGS2 (but manufacturer underclocked to 1.2ghz.). Maybe I am a bit biased... But still look into it :D.

    Also I am moving this to the T-mo section :).
  4. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    If you are asking about strictly new phones, the exibit 2 is probably your best bet.

    If you're willing to go used, then you have a lot of options. Check ebay, craigslist, and local pawn shops. I picked up a galaxy vibrant for 100 from a pawn shop. I've seen htc sensations for 200...among others. I choose the cheaper route as I'm planning on buying a G nexus when I have the money.
  5. Colten

    Colten Member

    I found Sensation 4Gs around 200 near me also, is that phone decent?

    Im a little OCD when it comes to buying used phones though so does anyone have experience with the Exhibit?
  6. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    Actually you can grab the One S from Best Buy for $149.
  7. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    on a 2 year contract...
  8. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    I must have missed him wanting contract free. Thanks buddy
  9. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    The OP didn't specify contract-free. It's just that you can save considerable money by paying full price for a used or even a new phone and going with a Value Plan or prepaid vs buying a so-called 'subsidized' or 'discounted' phone and regular plan. The lower monthly bill more than offsets the higher initial outlay after a year or so.
  10. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    I am a 12 year customer. I guess I get spoiled with my awesome "customer loyalty" rates and deals. T-Mobile is still the best value though.
    Love them. Loved them even more when they were Voicestream

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