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  1. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the Android community as I just upgraded from a BlackBerry Curve to the HTC EVO 4G - and love it!

    I've been tinkering with it for a couple of days and decided on using Launcher Pro. I didn't really know what this was when I installed it - only that it would add some UI features (more screens, etc.). However, still being a newbie at customizing my EVO's UI - I thought I'd post here for some help.

    First, could someone clarify the difference between an app, shortcut & widget?:confused:

    1) After switching to Launcher Pro, I don't seem to be able to add widgets I had under the standard HTC launcher - like favorite contacts (a vertical widget strip in which you can place contact favorites' pics & dial from). Also missing are a digital clock and weather widget. Is there anyway to use the HTC widget with Launcher Pro? If not, where would you suggest I find some good ones?

    2) I've downloaded Launcher Pro Icons - from the app store. I was hoping to find some 3D app icons like these:


    but unfortunately none like these were included. Can anyone tell me where I can get 3D icons like these for my apps? WOuld I just download and icon set and then activate it -or would I have to edit each individual app to change it to show a new icon, etc?

    I'd also like more dock designs.

    I'm really looking to customize my UI - and the more options the better. I tried ADW Launcher and found it to be confusing. I've thought about trying GoLauncher too.

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out!


  2. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    no one knows what theme or icon pack this is????
  3. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    A widget is any program you can operate directly from the homescreen. A shortcut is anything you can post on the homescreen that will lead to the program contact or function you're trying to execute. An app or application is any and every program pre installed or post installed on your phone. Some apps have Widgets that you can post to your homescreen ie music player or weather applications.

    Every icon on your desktop is a shortcut to an application. You can even place shortcuts to some contacts.

    Hope this helps
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  4. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

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  5. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    I don't own an evo so I don't know if stock HTC Widgets work with launcher pro or not that's a question you should ask other evo users. However if you purchase launcher pro plus that will unlock the built in launcher pro Widgets as well as allow for widget resizing. If you want a clock similar to the stock HTC one but better, buy an app called "beautiful Widgets". Also if you're really into customizing your phone visit this thread and take notes :)

    And don't be scared to ask questions
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  6. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    Recheck my first post...

    I fixed it
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  7. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    Yeah HTC widgets work with Launcher Pro. I just upgraded to Launcher Pro Plus. I tried Beautiful Widgets but liked Fancy Widgets better. And the screenshots of the theme I posted in my OP were from the Post Your Android Theme forum. But thanks for the info -I appreciate the help and response. Unfortunately I still haven't been able to find the theme or icon pack that was used in the screenshot in my OP. You can see the whole theme on the first page of I even sent a PM to the member who posted it -but he posted it in 2009 so I don't know if he's still around or not.

    Anyway, I appreciate the help! Thanks!!:)
  8. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    Sorry you couldn't find the package you were looking for.

    There is another way though if you have Google goggles you can have it search the internet for any similar pictures.

    Just open up the goggles app and press the menu button then go to load picture.

    If that doesn't turn up anything then you can always go my route and not even use icons :) I use an app called "circle launcher" I HIGHLY recommend it.. there's a free and paid version. But try it out and let me know what u think.

    You can also use your own icons for Circle launchers

    Another is an app called swipepad which lets you quickly switch through programs no matter what you are currently doing. I use both apps and my desktop homescreens are really minimalist because of them
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  9. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    I tried Google Goggles and found some images that had the same icons, but when going to the website, I couldn't find the image or the icon set (if there was one). Many times it was just another screenshot people were posting and not indicating which icon set it was.

    I looked at the circle launchers - pretty cool! I am also going to check out SwipePad.

    Thanks for your help! and if you DO ever come across the icon set I'm searching for - please let me know!


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