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  1. Itlooksfast

    Itlooksfast Well-Known Member

    Ok I got my phone rooted with Unrevoked3 and then did the Unrevoked Forever and got S-Off. I still want the Official OTA updates with root....thats why I did Unrevoked Forever. I was following the steps and it said if you want the official ota update and still be rooted you have to flash the file. I didnt do that...or I already did and I didnt know it yet...but I have been getting the OTA updage message. So is it safe to just go ahead and install the OTA update now?

  2. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Well-Known Member

    i would flash the image thats for getting the ota then accept it bc i think that is the one that gets rid of clockwork so the ota will work once installing it
  3. Itlooksfast

    Itlooksfast Well-Known Member

    Ok the problem is that when I tried to flash it. Basically changing the name to "PB31IMG.ZIP" and place it on my sd card. I would enter into wouldnt read it or flash it. Basically, it just said image not found

    Is there another step or something else I need to do? Like once the file is in the sd card. I just pretty much turn the phone down. Press the power and volume down button to enter into Hboot. And I was told to just let the phone read the image and then just press up to flash and reboot. But it didnt do that.

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