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Need help with browserSupport

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  1. Yesevil

    Yesevil Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if someone can help out and try something for me. I'm trying to change browsers but I can't find one that displays a certain website the way I like.

    Can someone go to www.mrfixitstips.co.uk using Chrome as that's how I like it displayed. Now, I can't get it to display the same in any other browser which is weird.
    Would someone mind trying it for me, make sure I'm not going mad, and suggest how I can resolve it. I used to love Dolphin on my S3 and loved it, but it's not displaying right on my N5.

    (don't worry the website isn't a virus or anything dodgy, it's a football tipping site)

    Thanks in advance

  2. krs128

    krs128 Well-Known Member

    If Chrome displays the site properly why don't you just use Chrome? am i missing something?
  3. Yesevil

    Yesevil Well-Known Member

    I prefer the features from some of the other browsers, such as fast scroll to bottom of screen.
    But I've tried all other browsers and none display the website like chrome does which is weird
  4. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Be nice to have screen shots of what you are seeing to know what is happening on your end. When I use Firefox, it looks the same as in Chrome. Boat, my only other browser, turns it into an all text list left justified with very tiny print. It may have to do with how browsers interpret that "mobile" setting that shows up on the bottom of the page in both Chrome and Firefox. The button isn't there in Boat.

    Hope this helps. :)
  5. Yesevil

    Yesevil Well-Known Member

    I'll see if I can post screen shots over the next couple of days

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