Need help with factory reset after rooting..

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  1. Mike1215

    Mike1215 Member

    As much as people liked to think rooting makes your phone better, I beg to differ. This is the worst experience I ever had. The phone capabilities don't even work now, I have to text everyone as calls do nothing. Maps don't work and the Internet performance is worse than dial-up. Plus i lost all of my apps, which guide failed to tell me it would. It only told me it would wipe the sdcard, which is funny, because it didnt. My sdcard contents were in tact, but not the phone contents. So i also lost all of my contacts. The guide failed hard in that category.

    All I want is my old phone back. I tried searching, but all I find is rsdlite which apparently only works for motorolas. I also can't find the "sbf" file for the inspire.

    PLease help! I hate my iPhone.

  2. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    There was user error on your part then. Were you using the latest version of the hack kit?

    The advanced ace hack kit in fact does not wipe the sdcard. It is not meant to. Nor does it wipe the data on the phone. The effin manual also states "no data has been lost" right under the big You're Done banner.

    rsdlite and sbf's apply to moto phones only. What your are looking for is an RUU.

    Straight from HTC.

    I've used the hack kit (multiple versions of it aswell) and have never had an issue with it.
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  3. Mike1215

    Mike1215 Member

    That's great you never had problems. I've actually found out why my calls don't work: my speakers do not work. Great hardware compatibility.

    I even tested my internet speed. It came up as 303 kbps, seeming as I'm supposed to have 2500 with the hspd+ or whatever its called.

    It worked. Thank you.
  4. AndresGalvan

    AndresGalvan New Member

    I rooted, and it was quite easy. It took less than 10 minutes, and I didn't lose ANY data, whatsoever. Everything was still on the phone, AND SD card. I don't know what you were using, but it wasn't right. Do more research next time. You used a faulty root tool.
  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    the aahk downgrades your firmware to an unbranded,exploitable firmware. the old firmware is not compatible with your current hardware,hence the non-functioning speakers. rest assured it will work fine again when you run the ruu linked above. everything you complained about is a direct result of the downgrade,and the old firmware. once you run the ruu,things will be back to normal.

    i understand your fustration,but it is not fair for you to blame your bad experience on rooting,rather than your lack of research.

    running the above ruu will make your phone 100% stock(with exception it will stay s-off). run it a few days,and if youre 100% satisfied,then maybe rooting is not for you.

    i personally enjoy rooting and romming,and modding my htc phones. there is alot you can do with root access to /system.

    if you decide you want to try again,you can easily root your stock software by:
    1)install clockwork recovery as a PD98IMG file in hboot
    2)flash superuser 3.0.7 in clockwork.

    no need to run the AAHK again. :)

    one last bit of advice: in the future make sure you have created all your contacts as google contacts. that way you can sync them with google,and always be able to resync and get them back if something happens to your phone,or even if you get a new phone :D

    good luck,holler if you have further questions :)
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  6. Nickcoakley32

    Nickcoakley32 New Member

    i want to do the same thing so i download that link and then what do i do?
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    if you mean that you want to run the ruu in post 2 to get bacl to stock software/firmware,then you simply right click the downloaded file and run it as administrator. follow the on screen prompts and plug in your phone when instructed.

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