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NEED HELP with Galaxy S2Support

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  1. TheGodKhaos

    TheGodKhaos Member

    I'm a little confused about where this topic would belong. In the Epic 4G Touch forum, or Galaxy S2 Skyrocket forum, or this one. But, I recently got hold of a Samsung Galaxy S2 from a friend who had soft bricked the phone, and sold it to me for a fraction of the price.

    In which I rebooted, and restored the phone back to Factory. And, rooted with Odin by the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket kernel. So, after it was rooted I tried multiple S2 roms, Epic 4G, Epic 4G Touch Roms. I tried the Epic 4G roms because that's what Odin read the device as. But, none of them went through. Now the phone is kinda new/old to the market. Its the Straight Talk version of the S2. And, I thought the Skyrocket roms would work since Straight Talk uses AT&T towers, and are pretty much a prepaid version of AT&T.

    But, the Skyrocket model number is different from the one I have. The model number of the S2 that I have is SGH-S959G. And, I was wonder is any ROM coming out for it, or will be developed for it. Or, anything about it. I'm not really using it as a phone. I had removed all the phone apps from it, and using it as a Android MP3 player for my car. But, its running Gingerbread, and I that cause my main phone is running ICS, and I love the look, and apps that I run on ICS.

    So, any advice would help me out GREATLY.

    ADDED: When I do begin to flash a new rom, it starts installing. Then, it says "E: failed to verify whole-file signature" "E: signature verification failed"

  2. Jeremy1977

    Jeremy1977 Member

    Oh... man.... i am having issues myself. Tried rooting and ended up flashing a whole other firmware that cant run at boot. :(
  3. WhatMyEye

    WhatMyEye Member

    did u try deleting caches / dalvik ? what about using download mode and odin a 777 rom?
    sorry hope any of this helps
  4. Jeremy1977

    Jeremy1977 Member

    I too see the issues when trying to root or flash new rom. i also bricked my phone. i am writing this on my friends computer. i can still get to download mode, but now i am weery about flashing another incompatible rom via odin. and i have tried every concievable superoneclick/alternatives to root. i am beginning to think it is a locked rom.
    Also, someone mentioned that they successfully flashed a new rom/rooted? Please explain what and odin instructions.
    i would b very happy to make my sgh-s959g straighttalk to work again and be rooted.
  5. cerj

    cerj Well-Known Member

    I dont think the skyrocket is an EPIC 4G TOUCH. If its a SKYROCKET you can only use roms for the skyrocket.My wife has a skyrocket ,shes on att , and the epic 4g touch is sprint r boost mobile only.Theres so many variants of the samsung galaxy s2, its kinda crazy.If you indeed have a skyrocket you need to flash a skyrocket rom. Should b model numbers under the battery. GOOGLE and find out for sure
  6. Jeremy1977

    Jeremy1977 Member

    My phone is not the skyrocket. My phone is a Straighttalk sim card phone. it is the Samsung Galaxy S ll SGH-S959G.
  7. Jeremy1977

    Jeremy1977 Member

    hey u getting this? have a question for ya....

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