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  1. loveseyecandy

    loveseyecandy Member

    Hello. I have the galaxy s5 and i have everything turned on for the phone to wake up when I say "wakeup galaxy" like my note 3 but it will not wake up im not sure on what to do. When the screen is turned off should it not be able to wake up by me saying the command? I know on my note 3 it works just fine why will it not work I went inn to settings and set up what to say again wakeup galaxy and it told me your now ready to use your command to wake up your galaxy pks someone help me. IV heard with the s5 it had to be on car mode for it to work I don't know though. Also how do I get it to voice control using on my music and alarm??? My camera I did find also found how to awser or reject a call but still not how to just wake the phone by talking to it when I'm busy in the kitchen or so I need that. Pls help me.

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    I think the key word is "Hi Galaxy"...
    See if that helps... :) uploadfromtaptalk1405012237462.jpg
  3. ahaircut4u

    ahaircut4u New Member

    With the s5 u can actually customize what u say to anything unlike the note 3 what you have to say hi galaxy... I am having a lot of trouble with this too, have you had any luck figuring it out yet? I need help too. ..
  4. loveseyecandy

    loveseyecandy Member

    With my galaxy 5 I have it set where I say wake up galaxy all the settings are turned on but still not working at all
  5. loveseyecandy

    loveseyecandy Member

    My note 3 is fine it does it all but my galaxy 5 no
  6. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Maybe this may help...

    Settings, language and input, voice search, "ok Google" detection, check all 3 boxes.
  7. loveseyecandy

    loveseyecandy Member

    Did it still none I don't know why
  8. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    This only works if the screen is on and not on the lockscreen, I was trying this out last night. I like it, but would be cool if it could wake my screen up. Oh well!!:p

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