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  1. Canucklehead

    Canucklehead Member

    Hi Folks

    I rooted my Desire and installed CyanogenMod7. I have the App2SD app installed, but my internal memory problems still persist. I only have 9 apps installed on the internal memory, and I keep getting the "low memory" warning. These apps are either widgets (which I've read aren't supposed to be moved to SD), or apps which can't be moved period.

    Even for many of the apps that I have moved to SD, there is a picture of an SD card with an "X" over it, meaning the app many not function properly?

    I really like the phone, but ended up rooting the phone to end my "low memory" problems. I only have 10.51MB left on my internal memory, and can't even update my apps any more.

    I know I must be missing something here...can someone help me out or point me to a thread that tells me what to do?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Read the root memory faq, in the sticky thread in the desire root forum
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  3. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    This should be in the all things root thread
  4. ducky1979

    ducky1979 Well-Known Member

    When you rooted did you create an ext partition?
    As advised read the rooting guides and faq in the 'all things root' sub section.
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