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Need help with identifying a display symbolSupport

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  1. burgur99

    burgur99 New Member

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 about a month ago. Just the other day a symbol appeared in the right hand corner of my screen right next to the time display. I have tried everything I could think to find out what it means and how to get rid of it but havent had any luck searching on Google or on any forums. Here is a screen shot of my tablet's display. As you can see from the pic the symbol is of a circle with what looks like a lowercase "i" inside of it with a slash mark throngh the circle. Can anyone identify this symbol, what it means, and how I can get rid of it?

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  2. conn

    conn Member

    Your notification is disabled in settings - tap the clock, bottom right and scroll through settings (wifi, gps, sound...) should be green.
  3. hihoslvr

    hihoslvr New Member

    I have the same issue I can't get to the notification settings on my Galaxy Tab 10.1
  4. raveeshw

    raveeshw New Member

    I have the same issue in my galaxy tab 2 7''... PLease help.....
  5. Brian566

    Brian566 Well-Known Member

    1) Tap bottom right hand Corner small screen will open
    2) look at the top there is a list of green icons wi-fi /bluetooth/ GPS
    3 Scroll left or right you will see one marked "Notifications " Tap it to turn ON
    Green is On Gray with cross through is Off
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  6. MISSBOSS1216

    MISSBOSS1216 New Member

    THANK YOU...WHEW!!!!! Lol
  7. red58

    red58 Member

    Thank you Brian566 my tab had same problem. Just discovered the scroll aspect on small screen so thanks again
  8. danny_rey

    danny_rey New Member

    Thank You. I had no idea it scrolled.. hehe :)
  9. Lord Wayne

    Lord Wayne New Member

    i had the same problem. Thanks:)

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