Need help with MK802 Windows XP rom

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  1. beneschk

    beneschk Member

    Hey guys,

    I have recently had an idea, which could be a fun little project to do. I was wondering if I could theoretically install windows XP on my Mk802 android stick PC. The only problem would be is the drivers for the A10 chip, because i doubt windows XP has a support for that. Other than that it has a 4gb ROM which windows XP needs 1.5gb. I'm just wondering if anyone could assist me with this project or inform me whether it would or wouldn't work.


  2. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    Completely impossible.

    The device is not a regular PC despite it's name and Windows XP does not support Arm system on chips which is what MK802 really is.

    Windows 8 does support Arm system on chips but only a handful and is not available to the general public only OEM's (PC makers) have access to it.

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