Need help with my new tablet!

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  1. Al3x2015

    Al3x2015 New Member

    I bought a visual land connect 9 tablet and received it yesterday. This morning i wanted to change the splash screen so i downloaded an app that lets me do that. The tablet came rooted and i already installed google play. But when i restarted my tablet everything was messed up on it so i did a factory reset. Now every time i try to download something from google play it says insufficent space when i have 5 gigs left. I tried to install an app from my computer via usb and it said the same thing. Also my tablet came with games, skype, and netflix preinstalled and the icons show up on the home screen but there is no data for them. Also every time i delete icons from hte home screen and restart my tablet they reappear. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I'm sure Visual Land is a US importer of cheapo Chinese devices, manufacturer unknown. Sounds like the software is messed-up, you've tried a factory reset. Probably would be best to get in contact with Visual Land, see what they got to say about it. Most llkely return it for refund or replacement.
  3. Al3x2015

    Al3x2015 New Member

    I have tried to email visual land and on the website it says that I should get an email back in 2-3 days. So far it has been 6 days. I am going to email them again right after I am done typing this. Any ideas on how to fix it if I am not able to get a refund on it?

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