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Need Help With New SD Card PleaseSupport

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  1. miamia

    miamia New Member

    I need to know how to use my memory card. I put a 32gb card in and don't know how to move anything to it? when I go under manage apps the tab isn't lit up for me to move to sd card. Nothing lets me. I don't have pics or any new apps and it kept telling me out of space. So I got a new memory card and it still says it and won't let me retrieve any texts. Popup keeps coming up that I am out of memor? I don't know anything about how to fix. I am confused. Deleted all emails and like I said, I haven't even music on this thing! Help would be appreiciated since I am tech. tarded:confused:

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Hi miamia welcome to Android Forums:)
    Going to move your post to the Huawei Ascend II forum to see if we can get some suggestions for you.
    Did you format your new card prior to trying to add anything to it?
  3. alphadrago12

    alphadrago12 Member

    is it the phone itself thats running out of room? or the sd card? ive noticed that the ascend 2 has only 160mb of memory on it so ya gotta be careful with what you install to it and actively make sure ur clear internet cache and ur app cache cuz they can fill up quickly and will take up precious mb's. it might also help to make sure ur comp is reading ur sd card. i cant really suggest things until i have more info though

    KABLAAMIT New Member

    I have the same issue, I bought my wife this phone and when I download an app it installs to the phone and will not install to the SD Card. When I go into Manage Apps and select, say, facebook; the button to "Move to SD Card" is grayed out.
    I've tried it with the MUVE Music SD Card and I bought a new 2GB SD card and I get the same results.
    I formatted the SD card, as suggested above, and that did not work.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    Go to Huawei's site and download the HiSuite... or it should be in the secondary internal partition. Install that, back up all your data including apps, delete that app from the phone, and select the Install To Card option in the Settings menu, then navigate to your backup folder and select the folder that has all the apps. Find the app you want to install and do it from there. I've found that it helps with just about any app, and if an app can't be installed to the card, for whatever the developer's reasons, it will tell you. Otherwise, Bingo! It's there. Worked for me...
  6. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    BTW... Nashville? Cool! I used to work on the 17th floor of the Polk building, and used to jam with the guys at The Turf!
  7. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi Miamia and Kablaamit, welcome to the forums :D

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