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  1. kimmel23

    kimmel23 New Member

    Ok, so my defualt ringtone is the mario bros. Theme song, that was easy, I need help setting my notification tones. I would really like to have txt/gmail/voicemail to be the sound it makes (in mario) when you grab a coin (I already have this part set). This is where it gets tough for me, how do a set my "mario game over" tone to play when I get a missed call. I go to. >settings>sounds>notifications, but it only gives me the option to set one sound "mario coin grab" as a master tone for all notifications. If I could get it to ring as the mario theme song (already set) and "mario game over" when the call was missed it would be an epic win. Any help would be much apeciated. Thanks

  2. shahm0nsterr

    shahm0nsterr Member

    All I know is call ringtone controls the ringtone and 'notification tone' controls all notifications (which includes missed call, I believe)
    You can change the notification tone for specific apps by going to the settings menu of that particular application.
  3. kimmel23

    kimmel23 New Member

    Ya I think I got it, I don't know why I didn't think of that, I just set defualt notifications to "mario dies" and set each individual app to the "coin" sound...txt,gmail,facebook..ect.

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