Need help with Pantech BurstSupport

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  1. triplen24

    triplen24 New Member

    I just bought this off someone and i had it working fine on gingerbread and I used the Pantech Burst OS upgrade tool to upgrade to ICS and the update tool failed during program update downloading now the phone is stuck on S/W Upgrading and I can't get it off there how do I get this off??

  2. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

  3. triplen24

    triplen24 New Member

    I figured it out before i could get my post on that site lol I had to change the cable out to a different port and it worked fine
  4. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    lol well thats good news
  5. triplen24

    triplen24 New Member

    Now i wish the battery life was better and Id be happy
  6. Rsccman

    Rsccman Member

    actualy with ics its 20% improved, you just need to turn off data, and turn off bacckground apps, or disable some of the bloat ware

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