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  1. adamp961

    adamp961 Member

    My wife woke up this morning and her Skyrocket was off (it was on the charger so battery is charged and i also swapped it with my battery to verify) but anyway when i turn on the phone the SAMSUNG comes up and then it goes to a clack screen and the phone starts vibrating off and on every 1-2 seconds.

    Does anyone phone what may be going on and is there a fix??

    Thanks in advance


  2. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Well-Known Member

  3. adamp961

    adamp961 Member

    Thanks but i think it is toast, i tried to reflash it but it will not even connect. When i turn it on i hold the up and down volume, insert usb cable and it briefly says on the screen

    verifying internal MMC block
    checksum configuration--check (0)
    Not need checksum configuration
    already executed

    then goes black again and start vibrating off and on.

    any other ideas?


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