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need help with space on sd cardSupport

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  1. padd

    padd Member

    I'm new to HTC and also to smartphones in general so please excuse any ignorance or silly questions in advance

    I've had my HTC desire s less than 2months and it seems my 8gb stock sd card is full..... I've tried deleting apps and games etc but it's freeing up space on the internal memory and not the sd card ?

    question is how can I make space on the sd card? I gather when I connect to my laptop as disk drive all the files I see are sd card files right?. all quite confusing for a noob :(

    I downloaded a file manager application and deleted a shed load of pics from the sd card but it only gave me 1gb of space..... I don't know what else I can delete to make space..... or how to delete even!

    please explain as if guiding a small child with learning difficulties and ADHD

    THANKS FOR ANY HELP and if you need more info please just ask.

  2. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member

    Most apps and games install to the internal memory, however some don't, but it's negligible.

    The two things that will take up a lot of space is video and music.

    The best way to see is to connect your phone to the pc in disk mode to see what's taking up the space.
  3. padd

    padd Member

    when I connect with disk drive how can I tell what's taking space? it's just a list of folders as far as I can see.
  4. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member

    That's a windows thing...... Google it.

    Right click on the folder and go to properties.

    however there are apps like spacemonger that scans the directory display nice visual picture of the used space.

    Looking at your past posts and I am going to say its MUsic taking up your space.

    and possible you have duplicates of songs in different folder cause you used different apps to sync.

    if you do find the music on your SDcard ,del it from phone and re sync.
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  5. padd

    padd Member

    thanks but when you say Google it what do you mrsn? what should I Google?

    OK so right click on the files. then properties then delete?

    sorry if I seem thick but I'm a complete novice at this:)
  6. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to say... but if you are such a novice you may just cause more harm.

    when I say Google it I mean open up your internet browser, most likely internet explore, go to the the page Google.com and start inputting your questions. like "how to check the folder size in windows". once you have a understanding of that than tackle your SDcard.

    its right click, properties to see the size. then right click click delete if you want to remove it.

    just thinking it may be best for you to just format the SDcard, but you'll still need to backup your personal stuff, like pictures.
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  7. padd

    padd Member

    lol @ internet explorer gag :p

    ok so i took your advice and went through all the files checking the space used via properties and i found that the 1st "data" folder in the list which when opened contains the following folders:


    so i checked the space taken on the above and found that the "htcwatch" was taking up 1.9gb - so i clicked in and see some files for the film "thor" which i rented from the htc watch thingy.... i deleted them and its given me the space back which is good... so thanks so far

    the next space munching file i found is also in this "data folder"
    its the "navigator" taking up 1.43gb

    so i click into "navigator" and it contains the following...

    data << this is taking up 1.43gb

    so i click into the above "data folder" and it contains the following....

    maps <<< this is taking up 1.40gb

    again i click into the "maps" and it contains...


    does this mean i need to uninstall the navigation app? im sure that was a stock app and diddnt take that space on the card at first because the card had like 7.??gb when took it from carphone warehouse.

    can i just delete the france map?.... i dont really like garlic :p

    please advise :)
  8. 1st_Paladin

    1st_Paladin Well-Known Member

    I think it is best to delete the maps from Locations. Menu, Get More.
  9. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member


    First backup your SDcard on the pc. I.e. create a new folder on your desktop and copy the SDcard's contents to it.

    Next try go to settings,applications,manage applications on your phone and select clear data, or you can also try uninstall the app (which will most not remove it but clear the data)

    if that fails delete away.
  10. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    Just a thought (but you do say you're a complete novice), have you tried uninstalling apps via the phone's menu system?

    Menu key (3 horizontal lines) > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > On SD card (see top of screen). There you'll see all the apps you have on your SD card and how much space each one is using. You'll also see the total amount used and how much you have free on the bottom of the screen. When you select one of those apps from that particular list, you'll see you have the option of uninstalling it.

    However, some of the larger games and apps, the ones that install extra amounts of data, tend to not uninstall fully and can leave behind that extra data it downloaded. If so, you have to delete this manually to free up space.

    You should be able to delete downloaded copies of films in Watch via the Menu key once you're in the app.

    In Locations, the HTC satnav/map app, you can delete maps from within that app, by Menu key > Get more > then select the item with the bin icon you want to delete.

    Have a look within apps first, to see if you can delete their content that way. It might save you deleting something by mistake if you do things via Windows Explorer, which is why FoX777 recommended backing-up your SD card.
  11. padd

    padd Member

    thanks for all the help chaps/ettes
    i had double music files on the phone which was the problem it seems - had them on the sd card and on the phone memory for some reason - probably cos i tried mixzing and real player in the last few weeks and mustve saved on sd card even after uninstalling the apps

    cheers again im sure ill be back for more help in future - hope not but most likely lol

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