Need help with stock rom root procedure

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  1. lookimback

    lookimback Well-Known Member

    OK I'm trying to help a friend root her phone. She's in GA I'm in NY so no hands on, I need to walk her through this. Her need for root is solely for using a few apps which require root access. No need for cwm, custom roms, recovery, etc. That would all just make it too complicated for her. Also, if downgrading would cause her to lose everything she wouldn't want to do it.

    So what is required to get root and nothing more. Thanks:)

    HTC Thunderbolt
    Android Version 4.0.4

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Unlocking the bootloader,then launching a recovery temoprarily to install superuser is the best way to go. There's a how to thread toward the top of the page.

    The htcdev unlock process, will,for security purposes,perform a factory reset. Unfortunately,There is not a way that I know of to root without wiping her data. :(

    There are a few things that will help make re-setup easier:
    -sync contacts,calander,etc with google
    -there are apps that can backup sms and call logs
    -my backup pro will backup user apps(but not app data) without root access
  3. lookimback

    lookimback Well-Known Member

    OK the data loss was what I was worried about. I saw the threads but wanted to be sure everything was up to date. Thank u.
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Your welcome. Just holler if you have questions :)
  5. lookimback

    lookimback Well-Known Member

    Will do.

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