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Need help with the whole google voice/voicemail thing

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  1. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I did a search and can't seem to find the answer and just get confused. I've seen people talking about google's visual voicemail. I dont want to use a google number or any other features with the google calling plan. All i want it to get an sms transcription of what my voicemails are. Is it possible to ONLY have that part of it set up with my existing verizon number? thanks in advance, Mat

  2. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    This is what I do as well (though I also use GV SMS occasionally - only a few people have my GV number for that)

    Log into GV on your computer.

    Go to Settings > Phones > Mobile > Activate Google voicemail on this phone

    Dial the number it gives you.

    All done! You can use the GV app to access the voice mail, or you can dial your Google Number to do it - though with this way you don't see the transcription.

    I love GV Voicemail - not only for the transcriptions but also for the personalized messages. Callers I don't want to contact me anymore can get the "The number you have dialed has been disconnected" message :D
  3. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    forgive me for being dull here but how do i log into google voice on my computer? when i search it i keep seeing your need an invite for it .. is that correct?

    and do i have to set up a google number when i just want transcriptions for my verizon #?
  4. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    Ah I misunderstood, I thought you already had GV.

    Yes you do need an invite. If I had any left I'd be glad to give you one...post on some forums and politely ask for one - or, ask Google for one and wait patiently.

    It's definately worth it.

    Setting up a Google number is not mandatory, but I highly recommend it. You don't have to give it to anyone - but it's always nice to have another number, or the option in the future to use it.

    And I am quite sure a Google number is NOT needed if you just want to use GV Voicemail on your regular number.
  5. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    haha well after my last post i had a notification. google just sent me one so that worked out rather nicely! so i followed the link in the email and it took me to my inbox saying

    "Welcome to Google Voice. You have now set up your cell phone to use Google for your voicemail. Every time you miss a call on your cell phone, Google Voice will record the voicemail, transcribe it to text and send it to you as an email and an SMS. They will also be saved online just like email. Of course, you can always listen to your messages by calling the access number shown at the top of your account, so you may want to save that number to your phone's speed dial list. We hope you enjoy Google Voice."

    now if i only want the sms and not the email how do i go about changing those settings? im confused if im supposed to be doing this on my phone or computer. Do i need to do anything at all on my phone to set it up for this?
    Thanks for the patience .. believe me it's appreciated! :)
  6. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    It's my pleasure, GV was extremely confusing for me at first.

    Changing GV settings needs to be done on your computer. I honestly don't know if the app (downloaded from the market - or maybe it came preloaded on your phone?) lets you change these settings.

    Go to google.com/voice and log in

    Click settings > Voicemail & SMS

    Under the Voicemail Notifications listing you can there change how you are notified.

    The GV App on your phone will also notify you if you want. However, my experience is that it is TERRIBLE for notifications, and I only use the app to listen/read my voice mails.
  7. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    ok cool, i've got that done now so i should only receive sms transcribed messages on my phone with those settings. So do i also need the google voice app from the market downloaded for this to work or not?
    also, when someone calls me now and the notification pops up i have a new voicemail will i still be able to call it from my phone?
    i guess im just confused on how these both interchange with each other!
  8. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    Since I don't use an "access number" to get my GV Voicemail, I can't tell you how that works....But I'm sure if you follow those steps it'll do just fine.

    The App is only REQUIRED if you want to send SMS from your GV account on your phone or you want to make telephone calls using your GV number (which it seems you would not do either)

    I personally like to use the App for my voicemail access because it's visual. I hate dialing in for voicemail.
  9. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    alright... i got it working just like i'd want it to now. when someone calls and leaves a voicemail the only notification i get is an sms with the transcription. however, when i called in to hear it, it said it was from an unknown caller when i called from my gf's phone. why would it not know who the caller was?
  10. acjohnson55

    acjohnson55 Active Member

    I'm really interested in trying this. Does anyone have a spare invite? PM if you can help a brother out :)

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