Need help with unrooting my motorola cliq

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  1. yaboyD4lyf3

    yaboyD4lyf3 New Member

    Ok well I am going to be unrooting my cliq but not exactly sure how. I want to flash the stock rom and all back to the phone. Where can I get the stock rom for the cliq? Can someone please give me steps in how to do this. I know is not that hard but I just need a lil help asap..thanks

  2. rok0187

    rok0187 Active Member

  3. kichoufumetsu

    kichoufumetsu Member

    i swear...people do NOT utilize youtube enough. lol
    i learned how to hack the PSP and the Wii from youtube, and I cannot say that it didn't play a part in me rooting and unrooting my cliq the numerous times that i've done it.
    i youtube is a newbs best friend. a lot of stuff you can find on there and not have to wait for an answer to a question on the forums
  4. klinares2

    klinares2 New Member

    System Version:Blur_Version.1.3.39.MB200.Orange.en.FR. How do I unroot? Nothing seems to work.

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