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  1. avinkris

    avinkris Member

    Hey guys i just got my vodafone 845(240x320),and im not able to fit my custom wallpapers to one screen its all stretched out to 5 screens and the image is really distorted. I tried to resize the image (2xwidth,1xheight) still no use please help me.


  2. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    Try going to the subforum for your phone and finding out the correct resolution for wallpapers (NOT the screen resolution) for it. Then either find wallpapers with the correct dimensions or use an image editing program (like the free GIMP) to edit the pictures you want to use.
  3. avinkris

    avinkris Member

    did i post in the wrong section?
  4. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    It was in either Lounge or Applications when I answered - looks like a mod moved it to a place where you would be more likely to get an informed answer. :)
  5. jdstrydom

    jdstrydom Member

    Hi, had the same problem; not sure which launcher you using.

    Part 1) If using Zeam (I am) goto workspace preferences and unselect scroll wallpaper.
    Part 2) I use JustPictures by Kounch (free). Go to where your pictures are displayed as thumbnails. Click and hold on the picture you want as the background, and select set as wallpaper.

    The image will not be cropped, and because of the zeam settings not stretched over all screens i.e. each homescreen will have the same picture fullscreen.
  6. makuze

    makuze Member

    i had the same problem but it seems there is an app in the android market that a lot of pictures fit fine just type backrounds in the market and you will find it

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