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  1. baris3437

    baris3437 Member

    Hi everyone,

    I can't access to developer.android.com right now. it is because turkey has banned some google websites.
    I want to download the latest version of android ndk for ubuntu 64-bit(or linux). Who can download it for me and give a link to me?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. baris3437

    baris3437 Member

    Any help?
  3. baris3437

    baris3437 Member

    all you should do is to download android ndk(for ubuntu 64 bit) from developer.android.com and give me a link(rapidshare, fileserve,hotfile etc.).
  4. AlbertPucciani

    AlbertPucciani Well-Known Member

    Still need this?
  5. AlbertPucciani

    AlbertPucciani Well-Known Member

    baris3437 likes this.
  6. baris3437

    baris3437 Member

    Thank you so much Albert..

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