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  1. I need help thinking about leaving Verizon and going to cricket . But I need some help on which phone the Huawei II or Samsung Indulge. The Huawei II looks like it my be to slow for me. I use the phone in my business to take call and setup appointments plus email and texting. I have about three thousand contacts in my iPhone . I love the maps and navigation. Any help would be appreciate . Also how does it work with buying the roaming time. Does the phone automatic switch over ?

    Thank you
    Michael White

  2. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    Ok, kind of an old post by now, but I'll say this about roaming: I've never needed it. I go back and forth VA to IL on occasion, and travel around MD/VA/DC quite a bit, and there has only been one spot in the middle of IL that I've been in roaming (that I've noticed.) Even then, I used GrooVe IP & Voice to use my phone over WiFi instead, so it was a non-issue.
  3. Thanks for the reply . I did get the samsung phone.If things keep working like they have for the last few days. I will port my number to cricket. The funny thing is that my Verizon number is a former cricket number.
  4. Nate12

    Nate12 Well-Known Member

    You will not regret it. I have service everywhere! The samsung indulge is a very good phone also

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