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  1. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    look guys i really need help.
    iv tryed everything from flashing stock roms to custom roms and nothing works
    i switch my g 5 on and it comes up with the samsung logo for about hals a second then restarts.
    it started doing this just after it died and i plugged it into charge :/ im completely stumped and my knowlage is quite extensive.
    iv even had the bugger apart and took an internal look and compaired it to another working g 5 and there identical.
    i really need help
    mba cookie

  2. You should try get in touch with Samsung if you haven't already, they might have some things you could try out, but more than likely they'll tell you to send it in for repairs and charge you a bomb :(
    Hope you fnd a fx!
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  3. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    Thanks dude

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