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  1. x8forever

    x8forever New Member

    Hey, ive had my x8 for almost a year now and ive been using a 2gig micro sd card. i kept managing with that but now i have no choice but to change it. the problem is that i cant see all the files on my computer to transfer to the new sd card.
    I can see them on 'astro', my filemanager, but they do not appear on my windows explorer. I have really important files on this.
    What do i do??

  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    This does seem very strange as all contents that are changeable can be accessed using Windows Explorer. Can you confirm where on Astro File manager the files are located?
  3. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Take out your SD Card and use a USB Card reader.

    cheers :)
  4. glennster

    glennster Member

    Your computer might have been infected by a virus that hides files from any flashdrives/memory card... try using "USB SHOW"
  5. XperiaX8senior

    XperiaX8senior New Member

    You can try sd card reader,as mentioned before.and try avg antivirus,scan the pc,and try rebooting after doing that. Good luck :)

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