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  1. cyberapps

    cyberapps Well-Known Member

    how do I put a caller on hold on the sasung galaxy prevail if there is not a way is there a app for putting someone on hold.

    I'm done with boost-mobile they are the mose rude people i ever heard all they do is swear at you call you every name in the book hangup on you etc etc and told me never to call them back i'm done with boost-mobile at the end of the month going to net-10 with a new cell phone samsung galaxy proclaim 3g

  2. mysticspiral

    mysticspiral Well-Known Member

    When you are on a call with someone , I know ur able to mute the call. When another call comes through answer the call then press the home button which will then give u the option . Its kinda goofy, I use to wonder the same thing . I own a samsung prevail also. Anyhow hope that helps.:)

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