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  1. jw4669

    jw4669 Member

    Hi my fellow android enthusiasts. Hope your having a great day:). So getting down to business. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 1717r that will only boot into CWM. Also it will not recognize my device when i plug it into the usb port. I have downloaded the Samsung usb drivers for mobile phones. However it still will not recognize the device. So what i would like to know is (and please don't respond if you don't have a viable solution, no disrespect intended) is can i flash a new or stock rom from the sd micro chip in CWM. Thank you for your efforts in advance.:D

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    The ROM you flash using Odin and the ROM you install using CWM, even if they're the same ROM, are different, since the method of installation is totally different. If you can find a stock ROM for your device, set up to be installed via CWM, then go right ahead, But the usual ones you'll find, that are designed to be installed by Odin, won't install with CWM.

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