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need info on "yume_android_sdk" folderSupport

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  1. MozartMan

    MozartMan Well-Known Member

    I got Google Play today on my phone. And I don't know if this came with it, or it came before that, but I just found today this yume_android_sdk folder on my SD card. What the heck?
    Some search points to YuMe advertising company. WTH?

    Here is text from the log file yumesdk_log.txt:

    07:43:32:580 PM: (I): YuMe SDK Instantiated successfully.
    07:43:32:582 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_Init(): Invoked.
    07:43:32:585 PM: (I): adDomainUrl: http://plg1.yumenetworks.com/
    07:43:32:587 PM: (I): domainId: 516cyadppEK
    07:43:32:588 PM: (I): qsParams: pubchannel=talkingcat
    07:43:32:590 PM: (I): adTimeout: 8
    07:43:32:591 PM: (I): videoTimeout: 8
    07:43:32:593 PM: (I): bSupportMP4: true
    07:43:32:595 PM: (I): bSupport3GPP: false
    07:43:32:596 PM: (I): bSupportHighBitRate: true
    07:43:32:598 PM: (I): bSupportAutoNetworkDetect: true
    07:43:32:599 PM: (I): bEnableCaching: true
    07:43:32:601 PM: (I): bEnableAutoPrefetch: true
    07:43:32:603 PM: (I): storageSize: 50.0
    07:43:32:631 PM: (I): Device Display Width: 540, Display Height: 960
    07:43:32:632 PM: (I): Device is identified as an Android TABLET.
    07:43:32:632 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_Init(): SDK Modules Created.
    07:43:32:633 PM: (I): yume_android_sdk directory already exists.
    07:43:32:638 PM: (I): downloading_assets directory already exists.
    07:43:32:643 PM: (I): downloaded_assets directory already exists.
    07:43:32:644 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_Init(): Successful.
    07:43:32:645 PM: (I): ********** YuMeSDK_InitAd(): Invoked with AdBlock: YUME_ADBLOCKTYPE_PREROLL **********
    07:43:32:645 PM: (I): framePlaylistUrl - Start.
    07:43:32:647 PM: (I): framePlaylistUrl - End.
    07:43:32:648 PM: (I): Requesting PF Playlist: http://plg1.yumenetworks.com/dynami...tch=true&pubchannel=talkingcat&xml_version=v2
    07:43:32:650 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_InitAd(): Successful.
    07:43:32:651 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_SetParentView(): Invoked.
    07:43:32:652 PM: (I): VideoView: Width: 960, Height: 540
    07:43:32:652 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_SetParentView(): Successful.
    07:43:33:16 PM: (I): PF Playlist Fetched.
    07:43:33:22 PM: (I): Playlist Version Received: V2
    07:43:33:37 PM: (E): Empty PF Playlist received.
    07:43:33:39 PM: (I): Current Playlist State: YUME_PFPLAYLISTSTATE_PLAYLISTREADY
    07:43:33:42 PM: (I): Starting Prefetch Request Callback Timer: Interval (secs): 900
    07:43:33:45 PM: (I): Notifying Ad Event(YUME_ADBLOCKTYPE_PREROLL): adEvent: YUME_ADEVENT_ADNOTREADY
    07:43:33:47 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_DeInit(): Invoked.
    07:43:33:49 PM: (I): Stopping Prefetch Request Callback Timer.
    07:43:33:50 PM: (I): Aborting Common Downloads...
    07:43:33:54 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_DeInit(): Successful.

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    That did not install itself on my phone. But I'd suspect you need an air push detector app. Also, have you downloaded that talking tom cat app? Because of this:

    It may be unrelated, but you should definitely go through all your apps and make sure you can trust them all.
    MozartMan likes this.
  3. MozartMan

    MozartMan Well-Known Member

    Yes, I did. My little daughter wanted to play it. It is removed now.


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