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Need more info about android.

  1. RunningTarget

    RunningTarget New Member

    I want to get into the android OS, but I need more info about. Why android over IOS? what are the benefits. I'm looking into getting the galaxy tab. Please help me decide. Thanks!

  2. RunningTarget

    RunningTarget New Member

    I'm aware about the samsung product, but it's the OS I need more info.
  3. Treknologist

    Treknologist Well-Known Member

    This is quite a loaded question and it all boils down to personal preference. Both iOS and Android are good phone OS's but they offer different features. Whereas iOS offers limited customization ability, Android is the most customizable phone OS out there. iOS is inflexible and seems to be nothing more than an app launcher. Android offers flexibility to the user, widgets, excellent notifications, excellent voice integration, etc. I posted this link earlier today from PC World which gives you other reasons:
    5 Reasons to (Still) Consider Android Over the iPhone, iOS 5 | PCWorld

    Take a look and keep asking questions here. I'm sure folks here will give you other good reasons for choosing Android.

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