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  1. androidbo

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    I had an S2 until it fell out of my pocket, while riding my bike. The S2 was in and OtterBox Defender which was carried in a Maxpedition phone holder that clipped to my belt. I am an outdoors guy and this type of holder prevented the phone from being lost.
    Now I have a Note 2 and need a phone holder for it.
    Any ideas where I can get such a holder? Maxpedition does not make a holder large enough for the Note 2 carried inside of an OtterBox Defender case.

  2. ceva321

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  3. Cid67

    Cid67 Well-Known Member

    Uhhh does the defender not come with a belt clip already..? All of mine have

    Code (Text):
  4. wireyourworld

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  5. donec

    donec Well-Known Member

    I came very close to getting that holster but in the pictures the belt clip and loops looked too small for my belt. So I went for.... Samsung Galaxy Note II 2 N7100 I605 L900 I317 T889 Tmobile All Version Reiko Black Leather Pouch Case Cover with Belt Clip Holster & Loops: Cell Phones & Accessories

    and a RND TPU Protective Case.... RND TPU Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note II(2) (Transparent Grey): Cell Phones & Accessories

    I use a 1.5 inch wide belt, do you think that holster you got would work with it?

    I wonder how tight is the fit of your Note 2 with TPU case in your holster?

    I have a wrist strap attached to my Note 2 and it makes it quite easy to get the phone out of the very slim holster, but without the wrist strap I would worry about having to grip the screen too hard when pulling the phone out of the holster.
  6. wireyourworld

    wireyourworld Member

    Hi donec. No I just checked the leather case I have will only fit a 1" belt, which is perfect for me. The phone with TPU case fit fine but I actually prefer it a bit looser so I overstretched the elastic on the sides. I can fit my fingers in and get the phone out, though I have small ladies hands.

    How did you get a wrist strap attached to your phone?
  7. miraxi

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  8. donec

    donec Well-Known Member

    The speaker grill on the back of the Note 2 has a small bump in the middle barthat works great for attaching the wrist strap (I think that is why it is there) . However! I don't use that, instead I attach the strap to the TPU case through the bottom mic hole. I think the reason I use it that way is simply because I started that way and then later figured out the speaker grill way, so I stuck with what I was used to.
  9. androidbo

    androidbo Member

    Yes it does. I wonder into the brush and want more protection than the Defender clip on.
  10. Ratdog

    Ratdog Member

    A Maxpedition for a radio or GPS in size large should work according to the dimensions. I have one and my GN2 in a Seido Active case fits well.
  11. Ratdog

    Ratdog Member

    Here' the link CP-L
  12. androidbo

    androidbo Member

    Ratdog thanks. I missed it on Maxpeditions site. Ordered one.

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