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  1. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    Hi, I have messed up my precedent :( I wanted to free some space so I deleted some system apps. I had other apps to replace the system ones and one of them was the system keyboard app and another was the sms app. Everything was working fine until I noticed I wasn't receiving text messages, but I could still send them so I decided to do a factory reset thinking it would bring the system apps back and for my luck I found out I don't even have a keyboard so now I can't type to add my google account to my android and can't receive txtmsgs.

    I want to know if someone is kind enough to make a backup of their stock rom (because that's all that's out there for the precedent for now) and send it to me so I could flash it to my android (I hoping it works that way).

    Also if anyone has any advice I would appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    I was looking on the internet and found a software that helped me a lot, Android Injector, a windows app that allows you to install android apps to your cell without even touching your cell (it has to be connected to usb) with it I was able to install an android keyboard that I found on the internet (a direct apk file) and I was able to connect to my account but I still can't receive txtmsgs so I still need the stock rom if anybody is willing to share it.
  3. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    I think I got the txtmsgs working again, I use Go sms pro but before it didn't work. I just tested it sending a text with my gmail (typed on the to:) and I received the text on my cell and send it to that address and received the email on my account. Later on today I will tell someone to text me to see (over here is almost 2:30am, they'll kill me if I texted anybody now :) ) But I still think the stock rom would be useful for future use and future precedent users.

    Now that I have the keyboard back I will try to reinstall the system apps (I found the files online + how to install them with terminal) I'll let you guys know if I succeed (although it looks like I am talking to myself in this thread since I replied so quick but I needed this quick so I turned google upside-down finding everything I needed.)
  4. whompus60

    whompus60 Well-Known Member

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  5. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    Download the complete stock precedent odin from the post in all things root, the name of the post is rtto something and the starter is davew41 you will have a complete stock precedent with root after you do the odin flash...
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  6. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    Thanks for the reply guys, I really appreciated! I will give a try to ShabbyCent rom and as for the odin image I forgot I had it (that's how I rooted my phone) It was late I was hungry and tired, frustrated and afraid I had messed up my cell again (see my post on "useful knowledge" thread) so I wasn't thinking clearly, I had a big mess on my head. At the end I found out I didn't have go sms pro setup properly so I still don't need the stock sms app or the stock keyboard apps but if I get them again on a new rom I WON'T DELETE THEM or other useful apps (except those that I don't use like books and things like that).

    Thank you whompus60, I didn't know there was a custom rom for the precedent out there and thanks PoorBoy52760 for reminding me about the odin image, I truly forgot about it.
  7. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    ShabbyCent was just released the other night, i was the beta tester on it, and it is a good rom, its based off ShabbyMod, and works well. I am currently working on a New rom for the Precedent if i can ever get a Kernel to compile and be bootable... yet to see one work, but STILL TRYING. going for a GB Kernel so i can try and get Gingerbread on the Precedent.
  8. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    gb source for the prevail doesnt boot on the prevail, let alone this phone
  9. CherokeeBlood

    CherokeeBlood Active Member

    I should have listened to my Linux instructor in college. Now I'm playing catch up on coding this Android lingo. Maybe I'll get caught up enough to contribute a full OS for everyone someday
  10. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    Self Taught and still Learning... i downloaded kernel v from the other night, and after some trial and error got a working BOOTABLE Kernel. (only thing i cant figure out is how come it is still loading the OLD config.gz into /proc so it is showing as working on that issue now. but it does boot and the phone is fully functioning, as well as decompressed the ramdisk modified the default.prop file to read

    and recompressed the ramdisk (WHAT A PAIN IN THE @$$) and so far so good no explosions... LoL

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