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  1. compy95

    compy95 New Member

    Hey guys, sorry if this is somewhere else on the forums, but I've looked EVERYWHERE and I couldn't find a solution to my problems. I want to root my Droid (the original one). Most forums here say something about a one click root app for a small price, but those posts are outdated, and the only app I could find (Z4Mod) just lagged up my phone and didn't do anything productive. I've tried rooting by downloading the Droid2Root files and using CMD and following all those directions, but I always get some sort of authentication error, or it just freezes up. Some forums told me that this is because I'm not running the stock Android OS, but I don't know how to do a stock OS reset without actually being rooted first.. I'm afraid that if I keep poking around with it I'm gonna brick the phone completely.

    So my question is...

    Are there any reliable and current apps available to root my Droid? I'm running 2.2.1 FRG83D.

    If there are none, can anyone link me to a current, step-by-step process to root my Droid? I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of thing, but I'm a quick learner, so if the directions are clear I should be fine. My problem has been that I can't find any directions that are up-to-date enough to work (I think).

    Barring that, is there anyone in the Boston area reading this who would want to make some pocket money to root this baby?


    PS. If I left out any important details (which I probably did), just ask!

  2. dusttones

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  3. DieselDood

    DieselDood Member

    I'm getting a Virus pop up when downloading the files through the one click.

    I clicked ok anyway... when I opened it I got a wolves howling sound and it didn't work, even by following the directions, and reading the entire thread.

    Becareful folks. I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong, or there is something tied to this program!
  4. sal33n

    sal33n New Member

  5. myfishbear

    myfishbear Well-Known Member

    soup or root 2.06 beta works as well... i just used it on mine and my brothers droid 2 global... just plug your droid into the usb port of your computer and turn on debugging on your droid then run the program, it may take 2 consecutive tries but it always works. heres is a link for it..
    Versions Soup or Root's Official Blog!!
    debugging is found under settings/applications/development/usb debugging.
    this app also does not show up as a virus and its easy to use.:p
  6. pak96dds

    pak96dds Member

    The droid forum thread is what i used to root my droid and my friends droid. It's very detailed (good thing) but I was still apprehensive about rooting so I looked at a lot of videos on rooting. This is one video that helped me understand the instructions. The video quality is poor and out of focus but I followed the instructions and it came out successfully.

    good luck! when you are finally rooted, you're gonna wish you did it sooner.
  7. mrterry

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  8. calidmb

    calidmb Member

    [APP]SuperOneClick v1.7 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App) - xda-developers
    you have to register at xda forums. download the super one click link. find the file under downloads. extract all. connect usb cable. do not mount SD card. make sure debugging is checked on. Find the file you extracted and double click the super one click file. It's the android with the red glow around it. that will open the folder to root phone. before you click root, up in the top right make sure rageagainstthecage exploit is selected. click Root and that should do it. It was that easy for me.
  9. calidmb

    calidmb Member

    Oh, one thing though. Not sure if this works with 2.2.2. I was still running 2.2.1
  10. calidmb

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