Need SBF for Citrus Please

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  1. us26700

    us26700 Member

    I was experimenting with the NV items and got it stuck in a bootloop LOL.
    If someone could provide an sbf to recover from the issue that would be great. Just the stock one is great enough. Thanks for any help that may be given!:eek:

  2. us26700

    us26700 Member

    Adding one more thing here. I also tried to enter into recovery basically to factory reset it but can't get to that either.:(
  3. lissababy

    lissababy New Member

    Im almost having the same problem but I can get into the android system recovery but it wont go past that it keeps saying installation aborted; E: signature verification failed & stupid other errors. I've spent wayyyy too much time on this phone for NOTHING :(

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