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  1. Stringfellow

    Stringfellow Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 27, 2010
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    When surfing with my PC, I rarely see ads anymore because I use NoScript in Firefox, and I also have a firefox add-on for the quick scrubbing of cookies, files, and history. Maybe then I shouldn't have bought a system controlled by Google, which spies on it's users every time they do a search, but I'm hoping that some privacy-concious app developers have found a way to put this sort of control in the hands of Android users too.

    I would think a lot of first-time smartphone users had an eye-opener the first time they ever visited a site where they got 6 nasty popup windows blocking what they had spent their precious data-plan allotment navigating toward, on a device which does not make the management of multiple windows nearly so easy - and they count against your precious allotment too!

    I don't suppose it would also be possible to choose your browser (replace google chrome with firefox?)


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