need sim unlock code

  1. robert 44

    robert 44 New Member

    Hello I have a lg optimus g pro e980 and switching from at&t to T-Mobile and it says I need a sim unlock code anyone know the code

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    The code is based on the IMEI of the phone, so it's different for each phone. If AT&T won't give it to you (they should if the phone is paid off - if it isn't, and you stop paying for it they'll blacklist it and it won't work on T-Mobile either), look in ebay for people selling unlock codes.
  3. expertsin

    expertsin Member

    me faced the same issue .. at&t optimus phone asked for code. i Google it but not found free code so used .. to get unlock code. now phone is unlocked. hope this help. Thanks

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