Need SL4A script for future SMS send

  1. DarkSinBad

    DarkSinBad New Member

    Hi, I'm a beginner programmer and I'm using "App Inventor" to develop a simple android app but app inventor has its limitations. Although it can't do Background services, it can save files and it can use SL4A scripts.
    I'm requesting any of the good people over here if anyone has knowledge with SL4A scripting, can you provide me with a script (that initiates in the background) to send a SMS message to a phone number in a specific time and date?
    Like if i want to remind my mother to buy me a certain book when she goes out tomorrow at 10AM.
    I feel this can be very simple script but i dont know how to do it and i hope someone can help me with this.
    Thank you ^^


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