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Need some advice lg optimus l9Support

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  1. Samk18

    Samk18 Member

    hey guys i need some advice from who ever has the lg optimus l9. I plan on getting this phone for a temporary use. I need it to last at least 6 months because i know in the second half of the year some major releases are coming so before then i need a phone.

    are there any problems with the phone software wise like any freeze or lag. how is the camera. I been looking for some reviews on youtube but they seem to be short and not go into much details.

  2. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    Should be fine for that amount if time and longer. One thing... you cannot save apps to sd, they will only save to internal memory.
  3. jm101

    jm101 Well-Known Member

    You can't save apps to SD?! Should've researched that more before I bought it but luckily I bought a 8 GB Micro SD that I can put my music on then use the internal for apps. Kind of weird though.
  4. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    It is weird. Tbh, I only got my first Android phone in November 2011 with gingerbread. I was not even aware that earlier phones couldn't put apps to SD. It's only been recently with some newer phones that can't do it that I even realized it was an issue.

    But it really hasn't been a problem for me because the l9 has about 2 GB of space for apps... I've put a couple dozen on here and still have 1.4 left. I don't put a whole lot of games on it because I mainly use my tablet for gaming. It's still weird though.
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  5. jm101

    jm101 Well-Known Member

    I have the Optimus V running 2.2 Froyo and I like being able to transfer the larger apps to the Micro SD. Similar to you I usually put all of my larger apps like games on my Nexus 7.

    How do you like the L9 so far? I am supposed to be getting it next week. For me this is a nice upgrade. My Optimus V is starting to show its age.
  6. maxwelld

    maxwelld New Member

    I just upgraded from the Optimus V and it's been pretty good. It's much faster, i think it's lighter, or at least feels lighter... maybe since it's bigger. It fits in my pocket pretty well, even though it's much taller. I think being thinner helps.

    At first I was annoyed about not being able to put any apps on the SD card, but after being crammed into my old phone, I've got plenty of space left after installing all my apps. (I don't use it for any big games.)

    One mini gripe is that sometimes the screen seems a little less responsive, i.e when swiping, it misses my first letter more often than the Optimus.

    Anyway, I'm glad I saved money and went with a mid range phone.
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  7. jm101

    jm101 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I am looking forward to the slimness of the L9. I don't use many apps so I should be fine. Also looking forward to getting faster speeds with T-Mobile. I was thinking about saving up for the prepaid Galaxy SII with T-Mobile but I can't see myself spending all that money on a phone. The specs of the L9 look pretty good for the price.
  8. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    I actually like it a lot. I was planning on getting a Nexus 4 because I love my Nexus 7 so much. But I wasn't able to because of it's availability issues. So I got this because it was the nicest phone I could find for under $200 to use in the meantime. The performance is shockingly good for only being a 1ghz dual core. It's really smooth. It plays games like Subway Surfers flawlessly, as good as my n7. I'm still going to get the n4, but I might wait a few months now. I see no hurry, I'm very happy with this phone. It's big screen, sexy design, and hspa+ speeds make it feel like a higher end phone than the mid range it actually is.
  9. jm101

    jm101 Well-Known Member

    Good to know! I was thinking about getting the Nexus 4 but due to its availability and extra cost I figured that the L9 would be a good choice. What's prompting me to upgrade to the L9 from the Optimus V is the larger screen, faster processor, etc. It would be nice if the L9 eventually gets the upgrade to Jelly Bean.
  10. vikingjunior

    vikingjunior Well-Known Member

    I just picked up the device today and quite impressed with it and that's coming from a razr hd which was very laggy.
  11. jm101

    jm101 Well-Known Member

    It came today! Seems pretty good so far but I haven't activated it yet. Sadly my month with Virgin Mobile isn't up until later this month but I am planning to switch over before then. The screen is so much nicer than the Optimus V and it feels a lot lighter! Way to go LG!
  12. Am using this phone dude.There is no such lag or freeze.you shall buy this phone.it's worthy.
  13. rbraswell8

    rbraswell8 Member

    same here, been using it since early january and it's fast, with an immense battery life. Coming from a low end samsung, it's like night and day.

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