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Need some help adding multiple wallpapers to my Note 3Support

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  1. Jonb_

    Jonb_ New Member

    Hi, I have been looking for a while no how to do this and my last effort will be to ask you lovely people on here. I really want to add a different wallpaper to each of my home screens on my Galaxy Note 3.

    So as I slide across to my home screen that has all my music widgets for example and I can have a background of my favorite band, and then I slide to the page with all my social widgets I can have a picture of my friends or something in the background. You get the idea. ;)

    I downloaded a live wallpaper called 'MultiPicture Live Wallpaper' which is supposed to do the job, but unfortunately doesn't work on my Note 3. Was wondering if any of you know of another solution?

    Thanks guys,

  2. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    Actually, it works perfectly on my note 3. I discovered it was fighting against the settings in my launcher. I use ADW-EX and had the wallpaper scroll setting turned off!
  3. Jonb_

    Jonb_ New Member

    Oh OK. I'm completely knew to android, I don't quite get the whole downloading a new Launcher thing... So do I need to get a new launcher in order to make it work? :confused: I quite like all the widgets and organization of mine how it is (whatever launcher it came with haha) I've always had an iPhone until just recently when I discovered the Note 3 and now realized how boring iPhones are haha.
  4. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    while I don't use the stock launcher, others seem to like it just fine. Search its settings and see if it gives an option for the screen to scroll. As a last resort you might try different launchers from the play store. There s' quite a variety. As I said, I use ADW-EX and really like that one. But everyone has different tastes and you might like Nova Launcher even better for example.
  5. lterry913

    lterry913 Well-Known Member

    Yes, if you like to customize launchers are fun...I use nova...I suggest downloading the free versions and trying and then investing in the prime version of what ever you like because you get additional oerks that way and no ads....go launcher seems to carry a lotn of ads with it. I think you would launchers and they may solve your problem... they also give you a lot more room to play with on each page as you can customize rows, columns and margins.

    Good luck and I suggest looking through the sticky for home screens as many will say which launcher and widgets they are using...there is also a launcher that will automatically downlaoad all the launchers and widgets you need to set a up a style if you see one you like in the gallery...Someone help with the name of this one please as OP my like that.

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