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  1. Sun_devil

    Sun_devil New Member

    I just got the Galaxy s2 and have a 32 gig card. When I try and sync it with doubletwist it says its in the wrong usb mode.

    my only options are:

    Media device (MTP)
    Camera (PTP)

    I have USB debuggin on

    Any help would be great so I can add all my movies and music


  2. Cavemansol

    Cavemansol Well-Known Member

    1. Download Android File Transfer

    2. Hook your phone up to your computer

    3. Put your phone in Camera PTP mode.

    AFT should pop up, and you can just drag your music/movies to it and it will transfer them across. Its brutally slow, and horribly annoying. Easily the worst thing about updating to ICS.

    Or you can use KIES, an equally annoying and cumbersome process. Enjoy your new Samsung!
  3. Sea Devil

    Sea Devil New Member

    Unfortunately, the recent 4.0.4 update removes this option. The menu no longer features the ability to choose between MTP and PTP, so your phone is completely useless as a storage device if you aren't on a wireless network, and you will never again be able to transfer music, photos, or anything else between a Mac and your phone. Thanks, Android!

    BTW, didn't notice the similarity in usernames when I posted. Pretty funny!

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