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Need some help with case dimensions from ownersAccessories (Browse All)

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  1. HittingSmoke

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    Jun 8, 2010
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    This may sound odd and a bit complicated, but I'm designing a case with solar panels mounted on it with a charging cable going to the phone.

    I've been looking all around the net and most places selling Evo cases right now are still using generic pics for older model phones so it's hard to judge how much surface area is on the actual case. The listed case dimensions help, but I also need a realistic idea of how much surface area is on the flap for hip cases.

    Basically I'm looking for as much right-angled surface area on the front of the case as possible so I can work in as many rectangular solar panels as I can.

    For reference I've attached a really rough sketch of my design. Panel sizes and positions can be altered to accommodate different case types, but what I want to start with is a horizontal, magnetic clasp hip case with the maximum possible panel-mountable space.

    Any of you current Evo owners want to help me out with some personal case pics and recommendations?


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